We Will Cherish That Day Forever!!!

The Renaissance theme meant so much to us, because 20 years ago we had a Renaissance Theme Wedding (not at the faire). So when my husband said for our 20th anniversary, let’s re- new our vows at the faire, you can only imagine how excited I was!!! I can’t even began to tell how breathtaking it all was for me. The TRF Staff was incredible – so friendly and helpful, down to every detail, what color flower, and the walk to to carriage, to placing our decorations. The Ceremony was in a beautiful garden and the musicians were playing our original wedding song – a day out of a story book for sure!!

If you are looking for a Renaissance Wedding Experience, then Look No Further!!!!!

Thank You TRF Staff.

A Smooth, Beautiful, and Flawless Wedding

The attention to detail Christina and her team blessed us with on our special day was beyond excellent. Having produced circus events for 16 years, I’m a stickler about nuances and I was amazed at the level of attention myself and my bride along with our guests revived. I’ll even mention after the amazing ceremony, which will forever be etched in my memory as one of the most special days of my life, somehow I managed to find myself at a drum circle where I needed to take my wedding ring off to play. Whole further magic ensued, my ring decided to jump out of my pocket and go for a stroll. Only the next morning did I realize what a sticky situation I put myself in. I’ll add it was in the pouring rain that Christina and her gang of magic makers met me in the rain to crawl through the mud to find it. No luck that day, but she somehow managed to call upon some wizardry and witching and within a week, the ring was back on my finger. I can’t recommend her and her team enough.

If flawless wedding, You know who to call.

The Wedding Was Beautiful Like a Fairytale

As someone who loves to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival, I always wanted to get married there the day finally came when my dream wedding came true. . The coordinators were great from the beginning by answering our questions and concerns. They did a wonderful job coordinating the wedding. They checked on us throughout the morning of the wedding to the reception to make sure everything was going well. We couldn’t imagine another location and experience for our special day!

Corey and Ryan Olivares

Rain Didn’t Stop the Wedding of Our Dreams.

Darryl and I want to thank you, your team, and the Texas Renaissance Festival for a wonderful way to celebrate 30 years! The Renaissance Festival has always had a special place in our hearts. Our first visit was in 1991, now fast forward 31 years and we’re celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary there.

You provided everything we needed to schedule and for the day. And even though we started out with plans for a simple ceremony and toast, you were able to handle a last-minute request to host a full lunch reception for 50 people due to bad weather.

I was impressed how your team handled the weather situation. No one wants a cold and rainy day when an outdoor venue is booked, but you managed the situation for us. We originally booked the Chapel, but as the bad weather approached, you moved to the Basilica to keep us dry.  It was a beautiful place.

An exciting surprise was the procession to the ceremony! We didn’t realize how much fun it was going to be, even in the freezing rain. The royal guard and band of pirates were very entertaining, and we couldn’t believe how many cheers and well wishes people were yelling from the shops, the staff, and even the guests.

And the minister!!  He was fantastic! Not only did he do a great job at our service; the following weekend, we went back to the Renaissance Festival and came upon the minister waiting for a wedding to begin at the Chapel. We had missed the opportunity to get a picture with him at our ceremony and asked if it would be okay to take a picture with him. Not only did he take the picture, he posed us to look like we were in a ceremony in the Chapel. We got a picture at the place we wanted!!

Darryl & Suzanne Vinson

So Special, that we did it TWICE!

We wanted a dream wedding, a special event… that we would always remember. The Texas Renaissance Festival wedding planners and coordinators made it happen for us!

Our 2002 Royal Celebration Wedding in the majestic Cathedral Chapel, complete with reception, is still the event our friends and family talk about. It was perfect, and we always said we would do it again… so we did!

We celebrated our 20 Year Anniversary with a Vow Renewal Ceremony in the beautiful Rose Garden and relived the magical fanfare of the music, and carriage ride with the Royal Guard procession to the venue. Our grandchildren, who attended, will forever remember their part in the event, as our children were able to do in 2002.

Thank you, Texas Renaissance Festival !

Making our dream wedding come true.

Christina, we have been coming to the Texas Renaissance Festival for almost 20 years now, and when we finally decided to make things official there was no other place we would have done it. Your help in getting things together and the staff being so helpful in making our dream wedding come true. Every season we go to TRF will mean so much more to us, we plan on celebrating our anniversary every year with TRF.

Alfred and Angela Ledesma